Even top business leaders have their blindspots. It’s a part of being human, but inconvenient or even plain risky for those with a lot of responsibility.
Ask a truck driver. 


The success of Executive Coaching totally depends on what the coach brings to the table. Our carefully selected coaches adhere to 6 main points that connect us with our coachees.

  • They are all seasoned leaders, with thorough experience in C-suite roles themselves and they are all experts in their line of business.
  • All are unconventional thinkers, with proven track records in out-of-the-box thinking.
  • They each embrace a sense of idealism; whatever ideal that might be. It all comes down to ‘leaving a better world to our children’.
  • Our coaches are renowned for fostering personal intimacy coupled with an appropriate balance between speed and quality of the personal development. They love to listen carefully, probe and challenge which normally leads to deep insights and the desired personal transformation.
  • High sense of integrity is crucial to them
  • They all have adopted diversity as an imperative.


Our coaches are:

For more information, please contact info@ngl-international.com or +31 20 705 89 10